C-Section Awareness Month- Our Story

Part 1:

Did you know that April is C-Section Awareness month?! I figured that there was no better way to end the month than telling you our twin birth story. Spoiler alert…. I had a C-Section! And it was one (gasp) of the best experiences of my life! Keep on reading for all the details!

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3rd Trimester

Whoa. It is so hard to believe that in less than two weeks I will have twin two year olds! Where did the time go? Funny thing is that I remember so many little details from this time two years ago. I had been out of work for just over 7 weeks after a premature labor scare at 29 weeks. You can read more about that experience here if you haven’t already. I was HUGE and so very uncomfortable. I was exhausted because getting comfortable enough to sleep when you are that big is nearly impossible. My pelvis had separated months before leaving me in excruciating pain, and I had heartburn 24/7.

34 week pregnant with twins
Had to make it to 36 weeks…

I was holding out, hoping to make it to 36 weeks, so that I could deliver in my hospital, with my doctors. Many questioned why I didn’t transfer up to the bigger high risk hospital when I found out that I was having twins, and honestly the answer was simple. I loved my doctor. I had a great relationship with her and trusted her completely. Furthermore, my practice had been so very attentive throughout my entire pregnancy, I wanted to see it through with them. Being high risk, I was on the labor and delivery unit weekly for non-stress tests (or false labor scares lol) and became friends with the nurses and just adored them. So when 36 weeks rolled around, I was ECSTATIC!

36 weeks pregnant with twins

And then… nothing. I was still very large, very uncomfortable, and very much still pregnant. The day that I was 36 weeks I helped to throw an engagement party for my cousin, and prayed to God that my water would break after the party so that we could meet our babies. No one thought that I’d make it to that party, boy did I show them!

Rainbow Sherbet…and some other happenings

37 weeks seemed to be a sweet spot for twin deliveries- for the safety of the babies and the mom, so my OB had an induction scheduled for me at 37.5 weeks, in case I hadn’t gone yet on my own. That week I really tried to do a bit more to get things moving. I was in total nesting mode, and I probably repacked my hospital bag five times that week alone. Thursday rolled around (36w5d) and I was over being pregnant. So, I made dinner plans with my in-laws to go out for chicken wings (old-wives tales…) because surely that had to help. That afternoon, I noticed that our baseboards were filthy… and for whatever reason went to town on my hands and knees cleaning them. Up until last week, that was the last time they’d been cleaned….so I’m glad I did it.

Afterwards, I got myself a nice bowl of rainbow sherbet (I was obsessed) and went to sit down in my recliner. As I sat down, I felt Baby A’s water break (3 p.m.). At first I totally thought that I peed my pants, but when I realized that the leak was indeed not pee, I knew what was happening.

Just let me eat my sherbet, damn it.

Now, if you know me know me, you know that I am a bit of a spaz and you might be assuming that I started panicking. Quite the contrary, I carried my bowl of sherbet upstairs to change my clothes, took a spoonful and called my husband to come home. I then called my parents, my doula, and my OB. They wanted me in the office asap, but my husband was at least 1/2 hour away, so I told them that that wasn’t going to happen. So, there I sat with my hospital bag, eating my bowl of rainbow sherbet, waiting for Matt. I was calm as could be… fully confident that I was prepared for what the next day or so would bring. HA.

You are never prepared for childbirth…

When Matt got home we loaded the car and headed to the office. Upon arrival, I was still 3 cm dilated (just I had been for the last 7 weeks) and 50% effaced. So we headed across the street to the hospital to get things moving. At this time, despite having contractions on and off for 5 months, I was having no contractions. I walked myself right up to the unit and into my room. They hooked me up to monitor the babies, and started an IV line. I had tested positive for Group B strep at my last appointment, so I was started Penicillin. Since I was not actively contracting they also started me on Pitocin to get things moving and grooving (4:30p.m.). We set up the room like we planned with an essential oil diffuser and speaker- playing Jack Johnson radio, and hunkered in for a long night.


Not much happened for the next few hours. We tried to rest, but honestly we were so excited. My contractions picked up, but I was able to breath through them without much trouble. Late that evening my contractions really started to get uncomfortable, and by midnight I was in hard labor. I was contracting every few minutes and in a lot of pain. It felt SO much better to stand up, but then the monitors would slip off my belly and I was encouraged to lay back down to keep a check on the babies. This went on all night and the next morning.

Did I mention that I was determined to have a medication free delivery? So, besides the Penicillin, I was on my own. I also wasn’t allowed to eat, so that was fun. My husband, our moms, and my doula (I will totally post about our amazing Doulas soon) were incredible at supporting me in any way possible from a back rub to adjusting my pillows. I couldn’t imagine doing this without them.

Progress Report

That morning the doctors came in to check my progress… it was non-existent. Literally, not the tiniest bit more dilated. So we decided to stop the Pitocin at noon, and let me take a break and shower. I felt sooo much better after my shower! And we restarted the Pitocin around 1 p.m. At this point I was beyond stressed. I knew that the risk for infection increased as time went on. I was so tired- I hadn’t slept well in MONTHS, but I was determined to have a vaginal delivery, so we pressed on.

labor position for twin delivery

In no time my contractions were back in full force. The midwife who was on the floor also had me doing some positions to help the babies move to where they needed to be. Come dinner time, much to my dismay, there was still no progress. At this point the midwife had a heart to heart with me. If we continued on with the induction, the babies and I would be at an increased risk for infection. 26 hours had passed since my water broke, and there had been absolutely no progress, despite being on the highest dose of Pitocin that they could give me.

Sometimes your plans go out the window…

She told me that sometimes with twins there just isn’t enough room for them to reposition themselves to where they need to be for delivery. This midwife was incredible and had done everything in her power to help me have a vaginal delivery, but it just wasn’t in the cards. The doctor on call came in and said that I could either go in for a c-section that night, and have a great experience, or I could wait another few hours, but in doing so could risk the chance of having a complication and an emergency c-section which I may not even be awake for. I did not want to miss the birth of my children. The answer was easy to come to, though heartbreaking for me. So at 7p.m. we stopped the induction and prepped to go into the O.R. at 8 p.m…

husband and wife smiling in hospital bed
Last picture before we became a family of 4


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