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Farm Birthday Party for the Twins

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Okay, I love planning parties! Like, I really love planning parties! I especially enjoy planning parties for people that I love. So, when it came time to plan my twin’s 2nd farm birthday party, you better believe I was pumped. It’s my favorite thing to get all the people that we love together to celebrate. It’s even better when the adults and kids alike enjoy themselves, and leave with full bellies and hearts. I am going to take you through the process that I used to plan our twin’s farm birthday party, on a budget!


Obviously a party just isn’t a party without a theme. I thrive on taking a theme and sprinkling it everywhere throughout a party. The theme is usually the first thing that I pick, because it really does determine everything else from the location to the decor to the food. At this time, my kids were obsessed with Old MacDonald had a farm, and all things farm related. We sang this song probably 25 times every day, for months. I knew that this was the perfect theme for the party. I had seen so many adorable ideas for a farm birthday party, and knew that I could put my own spin on it!

Farm Birthday Party: Location

I usually pick the theme before picking the location because I think your party location can really help to bring your theme to life. Someday, I’d love to be able to host our children’s birthday parties in our home, but that’s just not feasible in our current house. Luckily for us, we have an amazing park with a lodge just down the road from us. We each have big families, so we needed a place big enough to fit everyone! The lodge has a covered outdoor area, a fully functioning kitchen, indoor restrooms, and a beautiful fireplace. There is a playground in the park and lots of parking. It’s also super affordable! May is such a hard month in Upstate NY because it could be warm, but also could be chilly, or rainy! I was super grateful to have the lodge, because on the day of the party it ended up going from warm and sunny, to rainy!

Farm Birthday Party: Invitations

Once the theme, date, and location are decided, invitations are next on the agenda. I try to send them out about 4 weeks before the event to give everyone ample time. There are a lot of great options these days for invitations – you could do a paperless post email or even a Facebook event invite- but I still prefer snail mail invitations. There is just something about them that feels special, and classy (as classy as a farm party can get)! I found an editable file and purchased it off of Etsy. Then I used Prints of Love to print the invitations for me. This was the first time that I used them and I was so very happy with their product and service. The invitations came quickly and were high quality, wrapped, and in perfect shape. Their prices were really great also! Some notes on invitations… be clear on date, time, and any important details. We also usually do “Regrets only” because more people forget to RSVP anyway and you’re left without a clear number attending.

Farm Birthday Party: Decorations

Now this is where things start to get fun! I love finding fun and inexpensive ways to decorate for a party! I’ve accumulated a few things from previous parties that I have been able to reuse. I have some cute little red tin buckets, that I used for the boys’ first birthday party, that I saved. I also have a Cricut which is the best thing ever for homemade decorations! I searched Pinterest and found an adorable idea for centerpieces, and some wall decor. The only things that I had to purchase was some colored card stock, shredded paper grass, glue, and long wooden dowels. So what did I make?

Farm birthday party centerpiece

These centerpieces were too cute to pass up, but they were tedious. I bought the animal and barn images on the Cricut app for $0.99 a piece and then cut them out at home. They took a ton of time! Each animal was multi-layered (a layer of card stock for each color you see) and each layer had to be glued together. Matt and I ended up teaming up for the glueing and then sticking them under a heavy book too keep them from curling up.

Then I taped them to the dowels and stuck the dowels in the buckets. Last year, I had cut a styrofoam ball in half and glued half in each of the red buckets. The styrofoam held the wooden dowels perfectly right where I wanted them. Next, I scrunched up a bit of newspaper to fill the space, and topped it with some tan shredded paper to look like straw. They turned out exactly like I wanted them to, but they took a lot longer than I anticipated.

Other Decor:

I used the Cricut and some primary colored card stock to cut out E-I-E-I-O and some of the leftover animals to make some hanging decorations. Because the animals took so long, I ended up ordering a “Happy Birthday” banner from Amazon, and hung it on the mantle. I had a few leftover paper poms from last year’s party and used those as well.

Mantle decor for farm birthday party

I found some adorable cow print and primary colored balloons that we used around the room. I brought a few play barns and tractors from home and placed them around the room. Lastly, I purchased checkered picnic table cloths for the main tables and cow print table clothes for the gift and cake tables off of Amazon. It really came together!

Farm birthday party high chair decor
Watering hole
The Watering Hole

Another neat thing that the Cricut can do is draw! So at the last minute I used it to create this cute little sign for the gift table.

Farm birthday party sign

The boys were lucky enough to get two little John Deere tractors from my parents and grandparents, so we brought those along and set up the goody bags in them. We only had a handful of kids so I had a cowboy hat and bandana for each. I found some great farm themed stickers and little toys online through Oriental Trading and filled the goody bags with those!

Farm Birthday Party: Food

When I think of a meal on the farm, I think of BBQ. So, that’s exactly what we had. We ordered (way too much) Pulled Pork from a local restaurant. I served it with fruit salad, a green salad, corn bread muffins, baked beans, and potato chips (thanks to all the family for pitching in!). I labeled all the foods with barn themed names…because why not?! For dessert we had hay bales (rice crispie treats), cow pies (peanut clusters), and cake…. of course!

Barnyard Beans
Farm party food labels - potato field
The Potato Field
Farm birthday party food label- vegetable garden
The Vegetable Garden
Cow Pies

The Extras:

Beyond the food and decorations, I added a few activities around the room for the kids. We had a bean bag barn yard toss game that I found on Oriental Trading, a Barnyard backdrop and props for photos, and a few stick horses that my in laws had for the kids to play with. I had shirts made for the boys from Etsy with a tractor and “2” on them. I love any opportunity to wear my cowboy boots, so I dressed for the theme as well. Even my grandparents got into it and wore their flannel! The boys seemed to have a blast, and

Farm birthday party backdrop

overall, the party went really well! Everyone loved the BBQ themed food and decorations. Matt and I were exhausted by the end of the day, but we were happy everyone enjoyed themselves! Big family parties take a lot of work, but are so worth it when you see your loved ones having a great time! I’m not sure we will do another big party for a couple years with our build hopefully finishing up around the boys 3rd birthday, so I am glad that we went all out the last two years! I hope that you enjoyed our Farm Birthday Party recap! What are some other birthday party ideas that you’ve done?! I’d love to hear from you!

Your Millennial [party planning] Mama,


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