Meet the Mama!

Hey there, Mama! I’m Amber, and I’m so excited to welcome you to Your Millennial Mama!

Most days you will find me as your local pharmacist in your hometown grocery store, and by night I’m home chasing and loving on my twin toddlers, husband, and chocolate lab! I am a 30 year old, working twin mama, who knows that I have more to offer this world than what fits in the four walls of my pharmacy or my home. Since marrying my amazing husband 4 years ago, and having our busy little boys nearly 2 years ago, I have realized just how unique these times are for mamas, and women in general.

Sometimes, I feel like I have to be all things to everyone… the decision maker at work, a chef, a maid, a healer (boo-boo kisser), a diaper changer, a finder of all lost things, a narrator… just to name a few. We have SO much pressure put on us between our family responsibilities, friends, work, and social media, that it is sometimes hard to see ourselves and our purposes clearly. We also put so much pressure on OURSELVES to be someone or something, that is truly unnecessary.

Not long after I had my boys, I realized how dependent my mama friends were on each other. We were constantly in group texts chatting about everything from fevers to birthday party plans. We reached out for support, ideas, hope, and usually just to know that we weren’t alone. This is what sparked my idea for Your Millennial Mama. I wanted to make a (virtual) place where you can go to feel like someone has your back. Somewhere where you can go for advice, ideas, support, and hopefully a laugh here or there. In my dream world, my girls and I would be able to get together every day, but that just isn’t possible… so this feels like the next best thing!

Mama, I am so happy that you’re here! Please reach out and let me know what YOU need and how I can help! Being a Millennial Mama is so not easy, but I promise it’s much easier with friends.

Your Millennial Mama,


Contact me here for all inquiries!