10 products to help babies sleep through the night

Products to help babies sleep through the night

Mama’s Guide: Products to help babies sleep through the night

I love sleep. Like, I really loveeee sleep! Not only do I love it, but I need it. I need a solid 7 hours nightly to feel the slightest bit human. One of my biggest fears around having kids was that I would never sleep again. When our twins were newborns, I won’t lie, sleep was rough. However, we built a routine, and with the help of some incredible sleep products, our twins were sleeping through the night by 10 weeks old.

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Every child is different. We had talked to our pediatrician and knew that if they slept that long, it was safe. Not every baby will be in this same category. Premies, or babies that aren’t gaining enough may need nighttime feeds still. Always check with your child’s doctor first.

Around 6 months old, we had another bout of rough sleep. This bout lasted nearly five months, and I literally didn’t think I would survive.

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Here are our favorite products that helped our children sleep through the night. Many of them we still use now (at nearly 2 years old). I hope that they help your child (and you) have a restful night!

Newborn twins swaddled and sleeping through the night in bassinets
How we set up our bassinets
  1. Sound Machine: A white noise or sound machine is amazing! It helps block out household noises. It also mimics the sound of the womb and can help comfort them. We love the Dohm Sound Machine. It does a simple white noise but has varying volumes. We still use this every night. There are times Matt and I are vacuuming, or cooking, or have friends over, and still the boys sleep through the night
  2. Infant Swaddles: During the newborn stages these swaddles were wonderful! Swaddles help to mute the natural startle reflex in a baby, and help them feel cozy and secure! These particular swaddles are the best because they have a velcro to keep it secure, and the baby safe from loose blankets. Anddddd, this solves the problem of learning the technique of swaddling!
  3. Sleep Sacks: When your baby starts to roll over, swaddling your baby (arms in) is no longer safe for them. If they roll, they need to be able to use their arms to adjust themselves to breathe. However, blankets are not safe still (until at least 18 months). We used sleep sacks to keep the boys warm and cozy while keeping them safe. They come with and without arms, and in a variety of materials (fleece, cotton) to work in varying regions and temperatures.
  4. Sleep Suits: Okay, I know the sleep attire is getting lengthy here! But, once your child starts walking, its really helpful to have a wearable blanket with holes for their legs, so they can walk in it. We use them every night. Even though our boys are old enough to have a light blanket now, they roll and kick it off, and more often than not, aren’t covered up. I want them warm enough so they sleep through the night, and this suit fits the bill.
  5. Black Out Shades: These may or may not be necessary depending on the location of the nursery in your house, or your window coverings. When it starts to get light earlier, or stay light later, they really help keep the room dark and conducive for sleep. Lightness/darkness play a role in melatonin production in our bodies. Melatonin helps induce sleep. So, these are great to keep your baby sleeping through the night!
  6. Lovey’s: We started giving our boys a little lovey around 11 months. It is more or less a comfort item, and they seriously love them. They use them for naps and comfort during the day. A little stuffed animal or little blanket could work here too. We like the loveys because they combined both into one. We have 3 for each of them and swap them out every other day to keep things sanitary.
  7. Safe Sleep Bassinet: We used these mini pack and plays to have our twins sleep safely in our room when they were infants. They were inexpensive and transitioned from a bassinet style to a smaller version of a pack and play. I loved the Halo Bassinet, but it was too big to fit two in our bedroom. There are a few other good bassinet options on the market too, but make sure it follows the safe sleep guidelines. I’ll expand on this a bit later.
  8. Monitor: Baby Monitors today are definitely different than monitors of yester-years. We have a sound only and a video/sound monitor. I like having both for a few reasons. Our sound monitor we keep on all night in our room, or in the evening when we’re downstairs after the boys are in bed. We can hear if there is an issue right away. Our video monitor is great because if we happen to hear a fuss start we can peek to see whats really going on. Is the baby standing? Is he in danger? Did he drop his lovey? It also can toggle between up to 4 cameras (that’s awesome for multiples!), and shows the temperature in the room. Both were pretty inexpensive too. If we have a sitter, we always give them the camera monitor so they can see exactly what is going on.
  9. Bedtime Stories: I think that this is the most obvious of them all. A solid bedtime routine is the key to a baby sleeping through the night, and a good bedtime story (or 5) is integral to our routine. Each child will like their own books, and go through phases, but you will quickly discover what your littles’ favorites are.
Mom reading a book to toddler son to help him sleep through the night

10. Our Secret Weapon…

So “weapon” isn’t exactly the right word here I suppose. More like a fairy Godmother? Or Mrs. Sandwoman? Anyway… around 6 months old, after sleeping through the night for nearly 4 months our boys suddenly started waking often. It started once or twice a night, but quickly escalated to nearly every half hour. It was terrible. We were zombies. I read every sleep book and joined every FB group that I could find with no luck. Our parents came over to help overnight and they couldn’t believe that we were surviving so little sleep. We were desperate for help.

One of my longtime friends mentioned something on FB about a sleep consultant that she used, and how she was a game changer. I reached out for more details and she hooked me up with Missy, owner of Slumber and Bloom


Missy literally changed our lives.

I know that that seems a bit excessive, but I’m not exaggerating. We were planning to get a hotel room and leave the boys with one of our moms so we could get one solid night of sleep…but for price of a nice hotel room we got a personalized sleep plan that made all of the difference.

Missy was very kind and understanding. She listened to our concerns and wishes to make a plan that we were comfortable with. Within the first few days our nights were SO much better, and within a week our boys were sleeping through the night. Now, a year later, we have had a couple small hiccups due to teeth/travel/illness, but for the most part our littles still sleep through the night- from 7pm until 6 am, and it’s amazing. It was worth its price in gold.

This also helped us with our independence. For the first time in months we could do bedtime alone, if the other had plans or was working. It gave us our confidence back, and made bedtimes our most cherished part of the day. We feel so strongly about what Missy has to offer that we have recommended her to our friends and will most certainly turn to her MUCH sooner should we be blessed with anymore babies. If you think that My Goodnight Train could help your family, I highly recommend reaching out and getting her opinion!

Be sure to mention my name or this blog for a discount on your package!

Sleeping like a baby…

I know that these products can seriously help your little sleep like a baby. I know because we have tried them, and we still use most of them! Furthermore, they are safe! I do want to mention a couple popular items that are NOT on my list of favorites: the Rock-N-Play and Dock-a-Tot. I know people will want to throw tomatoes at me for this one, but they are truly not safe for infant sleep. They may help your baby sleep better for a while, but they also put them at an increased risk of SIDS and positional asphyxiation. There are moms in a couple Mommy Groups that I’m in who have lost children while using these products, and I will do my part to make sure other mamas don’t go through the same. The ABC’s of infant sleep should always be considered.

  • Alone- no blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or humans in their bed
  • Back- infants should always be put to sleep flat on their backs
  • Crib- infants should always be in their own crib or bassinet (flat surface, with no aftermarket additions like mattresses or bumpers)

I truly hope that your little is sleeping soundly through the night. I hope that you never know the feeling of caking concealer under your eyes in an effort to hide the bags or downing your 5th cup of coffee just to make it through the afternoon. But…. should you know what that feels like, I hope that something from my list helps you guys catch a few more Zzzzzz’s. I’d love to hear what products that you love that help your baby sleep! Drop me a message in the comment box below!

Your Millennial [well rested] Mama,


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